Diolaunch is a decentralized launchpad or an incubator platform for blockchain based projects. Its provides curated Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) through out its platform which gives supports to high grade blockchain projects reach crowdsourced funding, in addition helping them on community building and marketing by providing an avenue for our community to get tokens beforehand of upcoming blockchain projects before they get listed on exchanges.
How it benefits the Blockchain Projects?
This launchpad platform provides innovative projects the support and resources needed for their growth and success. Such projects are supported either in early seed funding stage with the help of our incubator program or during the market entry stage through our launchpad.
The Incubator program provides selected projects with development funds and other resources such as experienced developers to help build products, marketing team to aid with business growth and any other kind of supports that such a project might need.
The launchpad also helps projects that already have products and are well prepared for market entry. It assists these projects to run quality and well coordinated IDO or token generation events. Overall Diolaunch adopts a solid marketing strategy to ensure that the IDO events are highly successful. How it benefits the users?
Users of Diolaunch gain early investment opportunities to high quality and innovative projects on a regular basis. Our users can invest in these projects at the seed funding stage through our novel decentralized incubator protocol or during the market entry stage by participating in IDO or token generation events held in our Launchpad. This gives our users entry points to maximize the turnover of their investments. In addition to these, users also earn great staking and liquidity mining rewards.
We are giving high priority to both UI and UX, as we think good UI is one of the core principles that are currently lacking or not prioritized in the ecosystem. We feel that this is one of the most important factors to onboard new users to the ecosystem.