How To Participate In An IDO

Step 1: For an allocation, you need to Buy $DLA on PancakeSwap :

Step 2: Fund your wallet with $BUSD or $USDT or BNB (It may vary according to the project) to participate in the upcoming IDO.

Step 3: Check all the upcoming IDO on and complete the registration in time to get the allocations. Some projects require KYC and some of them may need your wallet address to be whitelisted. So, please complete whatever required. KYC once done is applicable for all future projects. All the details are provided on the IDO details page.

Step 4: Visit IDO's page: at the INO's launch time and connect your wallet (pre funded with $BUSD or $USDT) and then buy allocated amount of tokens based on your tier or whatever max it will allow you.

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