Will there be a public token sale?

  • The date will be announced to you by our team via social media.

Do I need to stake DLA tokens or stake NFT for a pre-sale?

  • The system accepts both. You can use whichever you want. It's entirely up to your choice.

Where can I get DLA Token?

I have DLA tokens in my wallet. Can I participate in SHOs?

  • No, you cannot simply buy DLA tokens and participate in SHOs. You need to stake the specified amount of tokens in the staking section on our website. Only your deposit will be considered for your participation in SHOs.

Which currency do you accept for IDOs?

  • We go with $BUSD and $USDT as it's one of the popular stable coin. You need to fund your wallet with DLA Token and stake them, or buy an NFT to meet the required tier for the allocation and then have some $BUSD or $USDT to participate in the IDOs.

How to find IDO results that I partipicated?

  • Generally, within 24 hours after the IDO end date, you will get all the allocated tokens in your wallet. You need to find the wallet address of the project that you have participated and add it to your wallet so that you can see how many tokens you have received. If there is any discrepancies, you can contact us on Telegram.

Will there be an airdrop?

  • The date will be announced to you by our team via social media.

Is Diolaunch multichain?

  • Currently, it is only on BSC. Other chains will be added gradually to make Diolaunch a multichain launchpad.

Do I need KYC to participate to the sales?

  • To participate to the sales offered in the Diolaunch you will need an account on the Diolaunch funding platform, KYC/AML verification is mandatory to start using the platform and participate to the sales.

Will I get a refund of my DLA tokens after whitelisting if I decide not to participate in the IDO?

  • Yes, but you will have to claim it within the time specified there before opening of IDO pools.

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