With a decentralized exchange run entirely by Diolaunch, you will be able to easily and securely access swap pairs of DLA tokens and many more. Diolaunch will provide a custom exchange, built from scratch. Which will support several key features such as a custom grid, transaction manager, rich data display fetched from the TradingView and partners and will be fully responsive and dynamic.

Within this, a user personally oversees trades done through their Diolaunch or third party exchange account while conducting analysis through the charting integration. Apart from this, the platform also caters to algorithmic trading through the API integrations built-in. The Trading service offering can be coupled with either Signal Providing and/or Copy trading where the trader is able to monetize on their developed trading skillset. With the TradingView integration method, Users may link their TradingView strategies and studies to Diolaunch using the Webhook URL option in the TradingView alert box. All that the User needs to do is set up webhook alerts on their desired TradingView strategies or studies, and it not only frees them of manually placing orders but also ensures that the strategy is executed with no human error or delay. Additionally, service providers may use TradingView integration to completely automate their order execution. Below is a screenshot of the trading service

Below is a screenshot of the trading service

Apart from all these, you will be able to trade the DLA Token on PancakeSwap and all exchanges that will be listed.

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