Buy a Presale

A guided step on how to buy tokens on presale.

First you will have to go to our website to browse through different pools on which you will find the one that you are interested in. You go to the following link:

  1. There is a tabbed component in which you can filter the ones which are "completed", "live", "upcoming" and "canceled". You can only buy a presale on the ones that are "live".

2. After choosing a live pool, you can click on View Pool to proceed.

3. You will be seeing tons of information related to the presale. So we advice you check them thoroughly.

4. You can now buy a presale by typing the amount of BNB (MATIC or ETH, depending on the pool) that you want to spend in the 'Amount' section. The corresponding amount of presale tokens will be calculated automatically below the BNB amount for you to see. The only thing left now is for you to click on the 'Buy with BNB' button.

5. For the transaction to happen, the wallet service you are using will now ask for confirmation, depending on what you will use (MetaMask, TrustWallet, WalletConnect) the confirmation method might differ.

6. After confirming the transaction you can see that you now have purchased in "your purchased" section.

This is how you buy a presale simple as that.

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